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Release date: 11.11.2010 / self-released

10 out of 10

Following on from the recent release of their new-track at the time, the excellent, and somewhat Kraftwerk flavoured City Lights which acted as something of a sample of both the new material, and above all the forthcoming new-album from the band itself, and in doing so also causing something of a stir within the Synth Pop scene, this female-fronted Swedish Synth Pop trio now return with the release of a new three-track digital-single titled It’s A Game with the additional tracks featured on the single being remixes of the single itself, and at that, not just any remixes, as we are thankfully on this occasion spared the more Industrial or Dance inclined remixes that so many Synth Pop singles seem to get strangled with, but, here the remixes are done by fellow Synth Pop acts Marsheaux & Parralox on what is a strong, solid mid-paced single with a light and almost dreamy female vocal delivery on a track that neatly lifts for it’s chorus, while regarding the afore mentioned remixes, both acts thankfully retain the single itself in all it’s glory with Marsheaux adding a wonderful bouncy feel with the addition of some sharp analogue synths for an excellent, and least not perfect remix, while Parraloxx keep it somewhat more simple on their remix, while in doing so, also adding some fine synth sounds for what is another excellent, and above all perfect remix. This is one single that along with its remixes will no doubt easily please every Synthpopper. © DK

... by Danny King ...


01. It’s A Game
02. It’s A Game - Marsheaux Remix
03. It’s A Game - Parralox Remix

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DayBehavior - It's A Game - Review 

I was first introduced to DayBehavior a while back now, and have been terribly late in writing about this until now...Their brand new single is titled "It's A Game", and like all good music, is swedish dance/pop and comes with a smattering of remixes. Anyways, read on for my thoughts, above for an endorsed fan-made video, and head on over here to purchase the track on iTunes.
It's A Game kicks off with it's awesome synthy throbs, electronic bassline, cool vocal and awesome chorus...Well produced, the track is rather futuristic, and makes for an interesting listen on a warm summers day..Much better suited to a cold winter night. It's a great listen, and marks an AWESOME new phase in the group's career. Then comes the It's A Game (Marsheaux Remix) which moves the track into synthier, swooshier territory...With a different bassline, the track is an interesting take on the original, definitely making it more gorgeous, with the synths, but doesn't quite hit the same spot with the bassline...Great chorus though, easy to get lost in. Closing off the EP is the It's A Game (Parralox Remix), which takes the track well and truly into the "indie electro" territory...I'm not totally feeling the vibe..It's pretty enough, with a light feel and great sound, but it just doesn't suit me...Exceptionally well produced..just not really my thing...Either way, I'd love to know your thoughts! 

Fabtastic! Music
Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Daybehavior – “It’s a game” (DL-singel)

Sammanfattningsvis ger detta klart mersmak och jag blir väldigt intresserad av att höra Daybehaviors kommande album. Singeln finns för övrigt att köpa på iTunes och Amazon.

Efter sju års tystnad är Daybehavior äntligen tillbaka. I våras släppte de låten ”City lights” ackompanjerad av en snygg video. Downloadsingeln ”It’s a game” fortsätter i samma stil. Det är en låt som skickligt balanserar på rätt sida gränsen mellan att vara en dansvänlig lite halvmörk synthpoplåt och en mer lättsam kommersiell ”radiodänga” i refrängen. Melodin sätter sig direkt och Paulindas ljuva röst är förförisk och lätt hypnotisk. Denna låt växer verkligen för varje gång jag lyssnar på den.

Två remixer medföljer. Marsheaux’s förlängda version har deras typiska analoga sound och även en del bitpopseffekter. Det kanske inte är otippat bland synth.nus läsare, men jag gillar den här versionen väldigt mycket. Parralox’s version är lite mer dämpad och melankolisk och är inte så illa den heller. Båda remixerna känns dock relativt lika originalet, tack vare att sångspåret är helt oförändrat.

Sammanfattningsvis ger detta klart mersmak och jag blir väldigt intresserad av att höra Daybehaviors kommande album. Singeln finns för övrigt att köpa på iTunes och Amazon.

Betyg: 6
Publicerad: 2010-12-28
Författare: Johan Wejedal