It all started with the two friends Carl and Tommy who had both been making music in various constellations since the early eighties. In 1988 they met at a party and found out they shared similar musical references, particularly synthesizer-pop music from the early Eighties. In the summer of '93 they got together and seriously started to consider the possibilities of making music together. They decided in what way they wanted to work and a music project slowly took form at their own Graplur Studios. In the winter of '93 they started the search for a vocalist, and a little more than one year later, after having tried out more than 40 different vocalists, Paulinda entered the studio and the last piece of the Daybehavior puzzle fell into place. Half Italian, half Swedish Paulinda was able to add even more beauty to the Daybehavior sound, turning their music into something really special with her melodic voice, and her lyrics which she mainly writes in English, but sometimes in Italian. The first album was released by the indie-label North of No South (NONS) and was distributed and released in Europe, Australia and Japan.

Daybehavior had a lot of airplay and got stunningly good reviews in both British press like NME and Melody Maker but also in big music magazines around the world. Unfortunately NONS went bankrupted in -97, just weeks before the planned release of their second album.

At this time Tommy moved to Thailand, tired of the Swedish cold and the harsh climate in the music business. Paulinda and Carl decided to release the album anyway and found the American label A different drum who released the full-length album and two singles 2004.

But it wasn’t the same thing without Tommy. Paulinda and Carl split up and started working with other projects. Tommy on the other hand, continued writing songs in Thailand and couldn´t let go of the thought of a re-union and a third album. Paulinda also had a burning desire to start working together once again and fortunately they convinced Carl to do so.

After a few years of silence Daybehavior is finally back with new energy and a new album ,FOLLOW THAT CAR! released sept 2012, where they have defined their well-known minimalistic Electro-synthpop sound. This is their best album far!

Pressquotes about Daybehavior and their music:

"If i was producing the next James Bond
blockbuster,Daybehavior would provide the
soundtrack"                                                           3 Syllables

"Daybehavior have class in abundance"                      New Musical Express
"More remarkable than waking up with the moon
 under your pillow"                                                 Melody Maker

"Daybehavior create touching minimalist melodramas
 where style geefully kicks sand into the eyes
 of content"                                                          Select

"The music is both fascinating and hypnotic"              Evigshead Magazine

"Daybehavior incorporates cinematic dreamscape
 vocals and haunting melodies that would fit
 comfortably in a french 60s spy film soundtrack"        Bop 2 Pop

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