Great words about "It's a Game"

The new single It's a Game got picked up by BBC Radio UK and a lot of other radiostations added it to playlist too.
We also get great response from all over the globe, just see below.....yes

"Daybehavior is without any doubt one of the best exponents of today's (Swedish) electropop."
Side-Line Magazine

"Solid first peak of upcoming material. Well done. 8 of 10!"
Brutal Resonance Magazine

"I’m very excited to hear the forthcoming album next year. 8 of 10!"
Blackvector Magazine

"There's nothing better than having a beautiful song to make a great single! 4,5 of 5!"
Chain D.L.K. Magazine

"Pretty much all good pop music originates from Sweden - and they're often five or six years ahead of the rest of the world stylistically."

Brutal Resonance Magazine

Review It's a Game

Swedish electro pop artist Daybehavior released a couple of albums in the end of the 90’s and the beginning of this century. But when one of their members, Tommy, moved to Thailand, the band was left without inspiration. Now it seems the trio is back on track and with their upcoming album release, they start out by releasing the single ‘It’s a Game’.

The song is about relations, and either I haven’t got laid in way to long, or the track is filled with a bunch of sexual references. "It's a game and I want to play, I want to go all the way...", "We can play servant and master, we can go slow and faster…", "You have a car, I have a motorway, let's misbehave…", don’t tell me that is just me?

This is a one track single release, with the original track and two remixes. Musical wise it is very catchy northern Europe electro pop. The singer Paulinda has a nice panting and a bit melancholic voice, but still a poppy undertone that fits perfect to the atmosphere created by the electronic landscapes the music draws for us.

The two remixes are pretty well done. For every remix, the music feels more and more bare boned. Marsheux remixes takes it one step and Australian Parralox go all the way and really strips it down. Both remixes have their qualities and I actually enjoy them both.

Solid first peak of upcoming material. Well done.

Patrik Lindström

BlackVector Magazine

Review It's a Game

After several years in absence, Swedish electropop act Daybehavior returns to the scene with their new single “It’s A Game”. New to this time is that the band have chosen to do everything themselfs, without being under control or having obligations to record companies.
This first single, prior to the new studio album to be released in early 2011, features the single version together with remixes from Greek act Marsheaux and Australian duo Parralox.
The track is a very catchy one with a great melody together with the reknown electropop sound from the band. The chorus is very strong and the voice from Paulinda Crescentini is amazing which give the song a great characteristic touch. The remixes from Marsheaux and Parralox are both great. However, I would have liked to see a b-side included to get a little variation.
Although, I’m very excited to hear the forthcoming album next year.
01. It’s A Game
02. It’s A Game (Marsheaux Remix)
03. It’s A Game (Parralox Remix)
December 7th, 2010
By: Björn A.

Chain D.L.K Magazine

Review It's a Game

There's nothing better than having a beautiful song to make a great single. After seven years of break, Tommy (who moved from Sweden to Thailand years ago), Paulinda and Carl reunited to write new songs. "City lights" (available for free at the band's website) was the first and it showed that synthpop still have something to tell thanks to catchy melodies and cool synth sounds. IT'S A GAME is the new digital Daybehavior single and contains the main track plus two remixes. The original tune is a fresh danceable synthpop song with fat bass lines in evidence and the seducing vocals of Paulinda. The song talks about lovers' games ("it's a game and I want to play / I wanna go all te way/ ...we can go slow and faster / and we can love like there's no tomorrow day") and the Greek duo Marsheaux did a great remix by keeping the original vocal lines and writing new bass lines (those ones sounds really great) with catchy lead synth inserts here and there. Australian band Parallox (that have their debut album "Metropolis" available on Conzoom) opted for a retro sounding 4/4 danceable mid tempo with dreamy atmospheres. The remixers did their best to give to the original song a "new life" and they proved once more that when you have a hit on your hands it's almost impossible to fail. Keep your eyes opened for the forthcoming album!

Rated: 4,5/5
Review by: Maurizio Pustianaz
Dec 02-2010