Scratches on my legs and I’ve got bruises on my skin
I can hear their voices whisper
Are they trying to get in?
When I come home in the dark
I avoid to walk on glass
And I’ve got blood on my hands
and I am sinking, drinking
Waking up with a different taste
each day on my tongue
something new has just begun, gun, gun, gun

I walk in silence
And shift to another track
Keep on walking
forward and don’look back
Make a move now
I need to stay out of sight
There's a train to Moscow
that leaves tonight

There's a shadow around the corner
I can smell a cigarette
Consider this a warning
or I’m sure I will regret
My time is running out
and now it's time to change my face
I have packed my bags in haste
and I’ll be gone without a trace
Footsteps getting closer
I can see my work is done
Something new has just begun, gun, gun, gun